cognitive kaleidoscope

  • when it’s raining and you’re blue, listen to aretha franklin
  • you know your jeans are too tight when they leave bruises
  • “the tragedy is that we don’t know it’s a comedy. the comedy is that we are tragic.”
  • i’ve never regretted moving/going/leaving (i wish i had strength to leave more often, especially people)
  • dermatographism–what a beautiful word for such an ugly thing
  • “have you ever considered that maybe you are just a loner?”
  • we do not notice the obvious (but the obvious is subjective)
  • even in my dreams he pushes me away. he does not want to make peace with me. but i don’t think i need it anymore.
  • i want to be with someone the way i am when i’m alone
  • “it’s not that i’m never lonely, just that i don’t really notice it anymore.”
    “that’s very sad”
  • we have this problem. we inherited it from our father: we are unsettled souls
  • “maybe my anxiety is a sign that i don’t deserve love yet
    “that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said”
  • i remembered yesterday, that soon after we got together he prophesised: “we’re going to break each other’s hearts, aren’t we?”
  • a strange feeling, to realise your youth is behind you. you’ve been young all your life, and suddenly you’re almost not.
  • i am very good at surviving, but i don’t know how good i am at healing
  • life is one long grieving process
  • one can lose loneliness through reading
  • it was refreshing, to meet another who understood what i meant when i said i go through life alone
  • don’t fucking insinuate i don’t know how to be alone. i do my groceries alone. i sleep alone. i am home alone. i cry alone. i do not have a next-of-kin. i am happy alone. i am allowed to overdose on too much aloneness. symptoms? melancholia and fear. cure: tears, time and self-love
  • i have recently started praying

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