After the gym.

  • Things I see in the moon:
    –a bunny foetus
    –a bald man with a monocle and a moustache
    — a boat and an island at sea
    –a parachute over clouds
  • I don’t need anyone’s fucking permission to forgive myself.
  • You become lonely when you disconnect from yourself. and you panic like a lost child in a crowd.
  • Own your own neediness. Own your intensity, your craziness. You are extreme and messy and terrific.
  • Reasons you are a worthy person:
    1. You exist.
  • You smiled at four strangers and it felt wonderful.
  • Let go of things not meant for you.
  • I like seeing him because it reminds me how out of love with him I am.
  • The relationships that have left me instead of the other way around are the ones that have taught me the most.
  • Sometimes I fall in love with men just because of how they smell. Even if for a moment, even if they’re not physically attractive.

Questions I had while watching Australia vs The Netherlands in the World Cup. He let me ask three and then he laughed and refused to answer any more.

  • Why are all the Australian players white?
  • Why is the grass striped?
  • Why do so many Dutch players have curly hair?
  • What’s Leckie’s background?
  • The Dutch are weird-looking, man.
  • Maybe I can’t relate because they’re all Anglo.
  • How old is the goalie?
  • It’s good to watch men in shorts.

Drunk on the tram.

  • I’m really fucking impatient for the tram.
  • I decided to go see him because EXPERIENCES
  • I am skinny and happy
  • We are all equally powerful as long as we are aware.
  • We do not attract what we want but what our soul knows we need.
  • Only three minutes have passed since I started writing.
  • I don’t know if I could love someone that says LOL.
  • Trams 57/59 don’t make me sad anymore.
  • Seriously, seven  minutes?
  • I knew I should have peed.


  • I’m so polite, I pour water into the other person’s glass first even if they’re not at the table.
  • On wanting to talk less, listen more: “STAY IN YOUR OWN LINE.”
  • On beautiful men: “We have a lot of brothers we never had.”
  • There will be times when you forget your worth. When you realise this, that you’ve forgotten, look at those surrounding you. How you feel about them is a reflection of how you should feel about yourself.

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