28 Things I Learnt at 28

1. No one’s love can fix the hole that you have if you don’t love yourself.

2. People don’t need to be next to you to be there for you.

3. Don’t give anyone more than what they want; they’ll resent you for it.

4. It isn’t right to exert myself taking care of everyone else. And then expect someone to take care of me.

5. Riding my bike at the toughest gear doesn’t make me the toughest. It just gives me chunky quads.

6. No one else gives a shit if my underwear matches or not.

7. You can’t ask for more than what people can give, even if they’re not giving you as much as they should.

8. You’re always a bit of an idiot when you fall in love.

9. My capacity to forgive is greater than I thought.

10. How to make killer raw brownies.

11. If you choose to be alive, you might as well feel good.

12. Red wine makes my cheeks swell.

13. It’s true: we are what we do every day.

14. It’s true! Sleep, nutrition, exercise and limited drinking does wonders for emotional health.

15. There’s not point in arguing with idiots.

16. Saying thank you makes you feel better. No matter how shitty you feel, no matter how little the thank you.

17. I have been saying sorry  when I didn’t need to.

18. I used to think that love was enough for a successful relationship but now I’m not so sure.

19. People leave your life when they’ve taught you what you needed to learn.

20. My only cage is the one in which I put myself.

21. My parents are not always in the right.

22. I am better at absorbing literary theory than discussing it.

23. All heartache eases with time.

24. I am a leader.

25. I am further than I thought from being ready to settle down/get married.

26. You’re never too old to move to another country.

27. Away from the enmeshed family infrastructure of Greece, I have learnt to be self-sufficient.

28. There will always be people to love you and help you but, ultimately, you only have yourself.

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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

6 thoughts on “28 Things I Learnt at 28”

  1. You overlooked the fact that you have a voice for the ages. Perhaps you learned that earlier. Perhaps you’re not convinced as yet. But last year’s love taught you things I know you already knew (yes, I’ve been listening), so maybe a similar kind of discovery is in store. Never plain, Fae. Not in a dozen endless dreams of forever. Never, ever plain.

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