Two-hundred and Eighty-two: Electri-city

A pea without a pod, I dawdle
through    rose virgin    streets,           doodling
stick figures of my aspirations,    duly
noting the veined way in which I’ve
failed. I wish I could          cut
the corners of my body. That I was
better  at reading   between   my  ribs.  
It’s reasonable to doubt the lack
of damp between my legs; to be too
of the       space     but
still want more. 

In this city, my footprints are too light.
My voice is high with shyness.
The clouds haven’t delivered all of m
yet. I still play
connect-the-dots with constellations at night.

Rimbaud rainbows ring around my irises;
buds hunting for buddies.
Bright, barbarian desires dipped in warm mornings.
I walk around with  maps trapped inside me. I am
fat with hope; a shadow of potential whispering.

I don’t miss the wilderness.
I would rather melt into the tram lines and light up the city. 

I am not a blackout. I am electricity. 


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

5 thoughts on “Two-hundred and Eighty-two: Electri-city”

  1. “Rimbaud rainbows…”
    That entire last third is lyrical and full, and it was instantly familiar (I appreciate the latter more than you can know). But the last part of the first third (“I wish I could cut…”) brings me back and has kept me from commenting so far. I can’t find it, yet I’m sure – because of the context and the insistent imagery – that it is there. It’s different from the rest. Perhaps a uniquely feminine stream? But, while I wouldn’t be so bold to say it couldn’t be, that has never proven out of my reach before.

    1. Good catch! There are one or two things that I refer to regularly here but never say outright.

      I felt so relieved when I wrote this. The first thing I’ve written in so long that really sounds like me. I guess I’m saying I know exactly what you mean when you say ‘instantly familiar’.

      It’s good to be back, to write, to read comments, to comment back…

      1. It’s good you’re back!

        And the early part that eludes me is probably the best part..I definitely feel it, but certain things are felt by women in ways a man can never understand.

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