The Wonder.

Of sugar sinking in cappuccino foam. Of neon green lampposts against white skies. Or watching muscle flex beneath the skin. Of how, up close, irises look like mushroom undersides. Of words being nothing but sounds; the concept of recognising those sounds. Of how clean sheets, a hot shower, an no early rise can make you feel complete. Of strangers loving you somehow and vice versa. Of traffic looking like schools of fish. Of a smile. Of imagining an old person as a carefree youth. Of healing. Of listening to nature make music. Of how many grains of sand there are on any given beach. Of the summer wind in your hair. Of feeling flushed with wine , laughter and love. Of the lines on the palm of your hand. Of colour. Of butterflies flying in a halo around your head to say hello. Of how much of everything exists. Of clouds, always.


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

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