That’s What Makes Me Have Tomboy Style

If not in Athens, Greece, I would live in… New York. And a quaint French town. And a Thai island. I would live everywhere.
My current obsessions are…  Bobbi Brown, Cat Power, turbans and fruit.
I channel my childhood self when I… eat ice-cream, swing, do arts and crafts… and when I’m sick or scared or both. Also, when I’m doing outdoorsy stuff for some reason.
The fictional characters I most relate to are… Holly Golightly for her careless, charming (one hopes) arrogance, and also her passion for luxury, and Esther Greenwood for her morose and sensitive nature. Now that I think about it, my two favourite fictional characters are polar opposites. MY GOODNESS, HOW BIZARRE.
Did you read that in Deadpan Font? ‘Cos that’s how I wrote it.
If I had to be outdoors all day I would… be a dirty motherfucker.
My favorite quality in a man is… reliability (is the first word that came to mind but I’m not sure if that’s true). I know, I know! CHEEKINESS.
My favorite quality in a woman is… independence and elegance. That’s right, I chose two. REBEL.
I’m terrified of… being average.
My dream car is a… 1950’s Astin Martin. That’s right, baby.
My cocktail of choice is… a Lexitini, i.e.: whatever I create out of the available ingredients. Failing that, a Pornstaralways hits the spot. No pun intended.
My celebrity crushes are… Paul Rudd and Jeff Buckley.
My friends and I like to… Laugh. Drink. Dance. Create.
If I could go back in time for one decade it would be… 1920’s. I always say that I was born in the wrong era. The twenties were all about sequins and pearls and drama and long cigarettes and dancing and martinis… and that’s exactly where I belong.
As a teenager I was totally into… Red eye-liner, wearing a fishnet glove on my arm, my boyfriend (quel surprise) and Placebo.
I tend to splurge on… CLOTHES. And based on today, make-up. I bought a lot of make-up today. Also, I buy a lot of gin. Cabs in probably somewhere too.
After watching me knock back one shot after another, a friend (read: acquaintance) once said, “You look like a lady… but you’re such a whore.” …and that’s what makes me have Tomboy Style.

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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

6 thoughts on “That’s What Makes Me Have Tomboy Style”

  1. Ha! I like many things in here (I must remember the “look like a lady…such a whore” line…and I think all your puns are intended, but I only know you through your blog), but you should know that my car tag reads, “CHEKY” (I could only have 5 characters).

    1. Hahaha, I think my mind’s has such good practice that it just spins them out naturally these days!

      Did you CHOOSE that number plate, Ben? That is the question.

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