The 33 O’clock News

Coming up on Say Another Lexi…

Posts appreciating the random gestures of the writer in residence.

Then we’ll be catching up with our travel reporter in New Zealand.

Plus, we’ll be gushing about our latest blog crush.

Kalispera, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Alexia Roux. Thank you for joining us on Say Another Lexi!

First up, Cathrine, of The Psi Project fame has written a post entitled Veto,  detailing unexpected affection Lexi. This post was actually written weeks ago, but since this newsreel is not only fake, but Greek, it should come as no surprise to any reader that it is only being mentioned now. According to past statistics, this should in fact only add to the quirky nature of this blog. The post in question deals with a cigarette, a storm and a brief reference to scars. Here’s our lexpert with more information…

Thank you, Lexi. Good evening, folks! Lexpert reporting from The Psi Project. It appears that, as well, as being an extremely talented writer, the blogger in person, a certain Cathrine V, is also a mermaid. I’ve talked to a few of the locals and they say that the reason she writes so passionately and peacefully is due to her unique turquoise aura. I’ve had many a poke around her blog (my apologies, I hope that didn’t sound unprofessional) and it seems that it is almost one size fits all (again, no pun intended). I urge all our readers to head over to The Psi Project as soon as they get a chance, in order to get their minds titillated and their analysis cursors rolling. Back to you in the studio.

Thank you, Lexpert, for that very unbiased report on my real-life friend.

Moving on, Sean, creator and writer of The Anarchist Project writes back to this letter. For the rest of this report (his response), please be patient and follow our source here. Expect to find copious amounts of beer, romance, hope and restlessness.

Witnesses claim that the authors  of these respective letters have never met in the flesh, and yet they still manage to enjoy a long-distance friendship based mainly on a love for being writing cliches, travelling souls, and access to Skype. Please enjoy responsibly.

And finally, what’s hot on SAL? Turning twenty-six (the writer, not the blog) rang some bells. One of our favourite blogs these days is called La Petite Coquine. Cue the death march: it’s a wedding blog. A greater scandal has never befallen the curator of Say Another Lexi, and sources are remaining tight-lipped. Stay tuned for more on how this writer is toning down the commitment-phobia.

Now, on to weather reports…

Monday to Thursday brought sunny minds and warm smiles. However, Friday evening took a turn for the worse, as Say Another Lexi got caught in a vodka storm from 10pm until 6am. She tried to cling to a young man for rescue but he already had a damsel in distress so she found a taxi and saved herself. Saturday was consumed by a grey mist consisting of a lot of bread and television. It refused to lift on Sunday but those who dared, ventured out and discovered that mist can be alleviated by rum and friends. Today the weather is mild, but prone to inconsistencies. Back to you…

And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for tuning in, I’m Alexia Roux, and from all of us here at Say Another Lexi, good morning/good afternoon/good night!


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9 thoughts on “The 33 O’clock News”

  1. ah yes. the break in the clouds on a sunday evening. that was some breathing. i remember seeing a sparrow tentatively approach a polar bear. he seemed frightened. he was prey, if that was how nature would have intended. but this polar bear was different. this polar bear needed companionship, not dinner. plus, the sparrow was way too small to be a satisfactory meal. gradually, the tension eased and the polar bear and the sparrow started to laugh, to walk. they even shared some food together and had a running race!
    to most, a sparrow and a polar bear should not normally be friends. they make an odd herd. but neither of these creatures were particularly normal, it must be said. and in each other they found ways in which to rely upon one another. the polar bear with its strength and logic could defend and protect the little sparrow, while the sparrow could fly up high and see the world from a different angle to guide the polar bear an warn of upcoming hazards. he could also help to keep the white hairs clean from the fleas and irritations upon the big creatures shoulders. they found a way to work together. they learned to trust.
    so, even if the world would laugh at them, they would laugh right back. and they did. the time passed so very quickly that neither of them realised how long that had spent together. it was an abrupt end to a time that seemed it could last for ever. they went their seperate ways and stood facing each other, separated by the path that would take them apart. the polar bear left first, and the sparrow sung a little song, then he made his long way home to the warmer climes more suited to his kind.

      1. Not at all! I think I might have to print this out!
        (After I’ve added the capital letters/appropriate punctuation of course…)

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