Nine Loves aka We Don’t Get Over Things; We Get Through Them

1. I love how my hair is long enough to be thick enough to get tangled. And I love how I can feel it swishing against my shoulder blades.

2. I love staring at the sky. I make wishes on clouds and shapes out of constellations. I love how the infinity of the sky makes me feel less lonely (which is funny because the infinity of the sea is precisely why it terrifies me).

3. I love hearing my parents giggle and bicker in bed while my mother tries to watch CSI and my father lies diagonally to warm his feet on hers.

4. I love lying on my back (think your dirty jokes now or forever hold your peace), putting Maltesers on my lips, blowing gently (okay, dirty jokes can be made here too) and then opening my mouth (okay, FINE) and catching them. Rather, trying to.

5. I love how I woke up on day (on many days) and realised it doesn’t hurt anymore. And neither does that or that or that. No matter how much something hurts, if there’s no emotional oxygen, everything will eventually become the past.

“We don’t get over things; we get through them.” Wisdom runs in the family.

6. I love the way I don’t talk to most of my favourite people on a daily or even weekly basis… but they’re still in my heart and I am in theirs. That is love.

7. I love that moment when you start laughing a little bit too hard and that’s when you realise you’re a little bit too tipsy. Awesome.

8. I love packing my suitcase. Oh and going somewhere. Packing or going or even both. I love the first day of adventure. Adventure has a distinct scent of youth and freedom and stupidity.

9. I love the way you shy. Making boys blush makes me sparkle inside.

What do you looooove?


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

16 thoughts on “Nine Loves aka We Don’t Get Over Things; We Get Through Them”

  1. 1 5 6 7 8 – ditto. Love the way you can describe so seemingly effortlessly the way I feel.

    This morning I woke up and nothing hurt any more. After 1.5 of doom and gloom, I experienced a couple of self-accepting moments last night and look what happened… I hope this enlightenment hangs around for a wee bit!


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