Two-hundred and Seventy-eight: Give Me

Lips so kissless, they split,
little red lines like clits,
sick with stillness.
Lips so kissless, they
crack from lack of smacking
other lips.
Give me kisses.  Give me
full stop kisses to end a fight.
Give me
acupuncture kisses on my neck,
your lips clapping on my skin,
your lips applauding.
Give me
waterfall kisses that fall through me
and tumble through my ticker.
Give me
silk kisses to make me dream,
muslin lips to ease my fears.
Give me
marble kisses, with a cat-eye stare
so that I swirl.
And when you’re done,

give me an encore.


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

24 thoughts on “Two-hundred and Seventy-eight: Give Me”

  1. I love rhyming! The first 12 lines sound really good read out loud like slam poetry 🙂 The rhythm seems to get a bit lost after that though… don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I reckon you could make this into a REALLY awesome poem if you fixed up the last bit. xx

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