To-do List: Be Legendary, Appear Complex, Prove Real etc…


  • I highly doubt that I look famous. I have awesome Jackie O sunglasses though.
  • I intend to be legendary. Sometimes I’m told I’m a legend; does that count?
  • I don’t need to appear complex. I am complex. Much to my chagrin sometimes.
  • I don’t think I act easy. Wait, what ‘easy’ do they mean? Am I being asked if I’m a hussy?
  • My Mummy tells me I light up a room which is the same as radiating presence. So there.
  • Travel light? FAIL.
  • I don’t think I’m faux enough to seem a dream. Having said that, I have been put on pedestals before. It’s given me a fear of heights.
  • Oh I can prove real alright. Just piss me off and or come find me late at night and I’ll show you real. (My fists are not balled up and under my chin right now.)


If this was your to-do list, how would you far?


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20 thoughts on “To-do List: Be Legendary, Appear Complex, Prove Real etc…”

  1. Movie star quality? Comes and goes, depending on my hair.
    Legendary? I’ve been told I am. Which I welcome.
    Appear complex: Since I seem a dream (or at least lost in them) and prove real (being intense usually does that), it wouldn’t make sense for me not to appear complex, would it? Uh, actually the way I answered this question is probably a giveaway.
    Act easy: FAIL.
    Travel light: I want to say yes, because I’ve massively improved. And yet… no. I’m a maximalist, I travel heavy. After all, if less is more, imagine how much more MORE is?
    Radiate presence: only when I want to.

  2. Isn’t just “being” a women complex.

    famous – ya, right!
    legendary – why? 😀
    complex – uh, middle name
    easy – always, ACT
    presence – when I’m in the mood
    light – always
    dream – nah… too much trouble
    real – try me.

    1. Yes, being a woman is complicated, I agree to an extent. I know some pretty simple women though. I also know some complex men. Perhaps this should be amended to: being human makes us inherently complex.

      1. simple up to the point that they are being treated simple. Once we pay attention, the complexity starts. 😛

        but yes, humans are.

        the new layout is… different 🙂 lil’ bit brighter. and those weird chandeliers (!?!) on top look really rad!

  3. HAHA! Great post, Alexia 🙂

    -of course it counts that you’re told you’re a legend! I don’t think anyone’s told me that before.
    – In SL, easy definitely means hussy. Uh oh. But life would be so…easy that way. Eek bad pun!
    – Mummies are SO good for self esteem sometimes 😀
    – Travel light? But what if there’s an emergency? Like you run out of clean underwear?! (I clearly fail at this too)

    1. Thank you!
      I’m going to pay it forward and tell you that you’re a legend!
      I am not easy. Though I’ve had my weak moments. Ahem.
      I always say: whether I leave for three days or ten, the suitcase weighs the same.

  4. I’ve been accused of looking famous on more than one occasion (weird).
    I think I’ll be more a cult classic. ( than legendary)
    Complex? I doubt it.
    I radiate awkward.
    I’m worse than a woman when it comes to packing.
    I’m often in a dream.
    This is as real as it gets right here!

  5. ah wait I realised I never answered this properly (plus i’m bored!). so here goes:

    Look famous- I always get told I look familiar and have been compared to famous faces. Does that count?!
    Be legendary- Getting there!
    Appear complex- I usually look very uncomplicated, and ppl would think I am. Only the ppl who get really close to me (or read my blog) would know otherwise.
    Act easy- Depends on how ‘easy’ I feel
    Radiate presence- Yep, I do this. I think it’s because I have a very expressive face.
    Travel light- as told already, I suck at this
    Seem a dream- huh?
    Prove real- I’m as real as you get. Fakeness irritates me

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