He Said, She Said

He said, ‘You were like superwoman. You astounded us. I mean it. The way you dealt with your accident was incredible. So fuck him. You are so much stronger than him. Don’t let small men bring you down.”
She said, ‘I did what anyone would have done. You do what you have to do.’
He said, ‘No. I bet if this guy- if anyone- was in your position, they would have fallen apart. You just kept smiling.’


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said”

  1. I know about the pain and the healing from such a wound, actually I should say wounds because you suffered both physical and emotional ones last year.

    I a agree with him too but darn it girl you should know this by now ;). Sometimes the hardest thing for us to do is to accept the compliments of others.

    1. Yes, I think I know this now (though it does make me feel a bit arrogant); the comments I record here are more to remind myself how many awesome people care for me.

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