Two-hundred and Seventy-five: over-taker

i am double d fake.
i take all the time.
i hijack ears and spotlights,
i kidnap words,
i embezzle thoughts,
i trespass patience,
i trace space with plastic razors,
waiting for pores in which to pour my pain.
i throw up secrets,
sacks full of confessions
i like to break like grrreek plates,
smashing on floors, on walls,
until someone opens a goddamn door.


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

9 thoughts on “Two-hundred and Seventy-five: over-taker”

      1. I don’t think YOU particularly like this, not many things go “uncategorized” and I always look toward the categories to give an extra clue into what you are thinking.

        I don’t think you believe these things, I don’t believe them.

        I think you are honest like a freshly white snow flake. You bend ears and manipulate words that attract attention– and you shouldn’t feel sorry about it ;).

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