I Want Passion

I want magic. I want gold gowns. I want opera. I want love affairs. I want a shard of everyone’s heart. I want back scratches. I want secrets, things only you and I know. I want corsets. I want to wear tiaras on Monday nights. I want midnight picnics. I want beach fires. I want wild hair. I want road-trips. I want cowboy boots. I want to learn how to make sushi. I want words pregnant with poignancy. I want magic eight balls. I want satin. I want smiley faces on my sandwiches. I want passion.

Incomprehensive list.

What do you want?


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

18 thoughts on “I Want Passion”

  1. I want you to keep writing. I want to have your gift for image, for power, for the flow and dance and warp and bend of words.

    I want you to find what you want. Or something that’s close to it.

  2. I want love. Lots of it. All the time. I want my parents to live for ever. I want a loving husband and great kids. I want a pretty home. I want contentment. I want a job on my own terms. I want cobbled streets and long walks in pretty parks. I want to be healthy.

    I want to have all this given to me on a silver platter.

    I want to grow up.

  3. I want morning light, hardwood floors, bare feet, bare walls. peace, to love and be loved, to see my niece often, to write many letters and be alone without being lonely. to be able to afford film and groceries and to travel light and live consistently with my ideals.

  4. I want someone who knows how to kiss. Who’s mere mischievous glance and can be fire or ice. I want to run my fingers along soft skin and know they belong there. I want whispered conversations in the dark, comfortable silence in the light.

    I want to shop for someone. I want tears on my shoulder, silken hair in my face. I want to let go and still be held. I want someone to want me.

  5. I want excitement. I want a pair of boots and a man that makes me feel sexy. I want forgiveness. I want best friends. I want to smell the first hint of snow. I want to build new memories. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want soft sweaters. I want my Mommy. I want many things, but I don’t want for a lot.

    I loved this post!!!

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