Two-hundred and Seventy: Laundry

My leotard, the one I wore as armour
to protect myself from old amores,
swings like a lost wing in the wind.
I reach for it as I reach for things these days,
upwards, arms and eyes wide open,
to add it to the bouquet of my laundry.

Falling into my hands -like life these days-
it vibrates.
It vibrates? Just another delusion.
Because I feel things, you know. I see things
and hear things and I feel things that
aren’t really there and it only
scares me sometimes.

But it vibrates again -this time I am not crazy-
so I let my hands roam,
search for it like a heartbeat.
Here, press here, gentle as a petal.
Feel the zzz beneath your fingers,
throbbing like a sting.

This is something!
Shake shake shake!
Out tumbles a fat bumble bee that you have been squeezing.
Jump back!
Laugh and say, I was only teasing!
but he flies off, rolling his eyes: weak human beings
with your easy smiles and stupid, curious fingers.

he shouldn’t have been hiding in my armour in the first place.



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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

2 thoughts on “Two-hundred and Seventy: Laundry”

  1. thx for the comment! Nice project you got here! really creative…p.s. I want Alexa’s hair too!!! I managed to do a similar cut this summer 😛

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