Two-hundred and Forty-one: I Have Been Wrong

I have risen like oil in water.
Blue eyes soaked in too much gin.
Such deep roots for such a young oak.

I have broken promises like mirrors,
sinned easily as ABC.
Now I breeze through evenings:
karma’s spoilt daughter.

I have sighed.
And the earth has rumbled.
Good luck has tumbled out in
the shape of pennies,
surprise parking spaces,
faces I stalked when I was nothing
but an ignored word in the back of the room.

I have tried.
I have melted into every sky,
fucked my way to forgiveness,
abused every nose I’ve burned through.

I have avenged.
I have teased swirls of smoke into odes of desire,
started fires just to stamp them out.
I have snatched pieces of hearts
to patch up the scraps of my own.

‘A rampage,’ some have said.
And I have lied.
I tried to tell them they were



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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

8 thoughts on “Two-hundred and Forty-one: I Have Been Wrong”

  1. oh gosh, i wish that wisdom in my blog was mine! it’s someone elses (the site in the ‘via’ link). besides i’m only 27. i feel compelled to make the clear because i don’t want to age anymore.

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