Two-hundred and Twenty-seven: trying

i am trying. this is the calculus of closure.
i jump over rivers of tears so fast i don’t
even notice. i am renovating. tear down
this wall; build another one there. i am
trying to learn an alien language by
watching everyone else’s movies but
all i manage is to change the shape
of my smile. i want to get outside
myself, draw different lines on my
face. i am trying to make the change
in my pocket sing; lying in my sleep,
hoping something else will plug itself
in the sockets of my dreams. it seems
dumb to to succumb to the night without
a fight, but fuck it- i am tired of trying.


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

3 thoughts on “Two-hundred and Twenty-seven: trying”

  1. is it coz we always think life is better for everyone else? i seriously doubt that. but it doesn’t make me stop trying (and getting tired of it) either!

    ‘calculus of closure’ ❤

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