One-hundred and Eighty-eight: Tunnels of Youth

Last night I took my heart to a party and drowned it in beers.
I surrounded myself with soul-warmers and their easy smiles I collect so willingly.
Their voices popped around me like surprises.
We danced through tunnels of youth.
We fell into each other like fleshy pretzels
I let someone else hold my baggage and I almost felt light.
The darkness charmed me as if I was a headache.
I hugged love and she took my number.
I ran and jumped onto my past and its dog: Forgiveness.
The sunrise wandered in as we walked down the yellow dirt road.
We talked to history and she congratulated us.
A ghost bought me ice-cream of my childhood.
We laughed at fat, French frogs and then we went home.
I surprised myself when I woke up; my eyes missing the dark circles of self-abuse.


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

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