One-hundred and Seventy-eight: sometimes

sometimes, not often, but sometimes, i still think
about you and your  paper perfection. it is possible,

(read: highly likely) that i was but a passing moment
for you. a passing moment that passed after seven

years of pursuit. your mind chased me for so long
that ,when i stopped, you just kept going. we didn’t

fit, i know that, though we would look so good
together in a photograph, but, sometimes, not

often, but sometimes, i still think about you
and your gentle manners, the motorbike i

never got to ride, the memories we could have
made had i been a smarter kid. just sometimes.


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

2 thoughts on “One-hundred and Seventy-eight: sometimes”

  1. cute poem, just thought I’d let you know that “re:…” is an abbreviation for “regarding:…” so perhaps you meant “read:…”. noticed you’ve done this before so thought I’d correct you for future use! xxx

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