One-hundred and Fifty-one: Take it Like a Man

Yesterday I met you when you were seventeen.
He was more of a man than you are today.
It was easy to be a woman last night.
I sat: quiet and proud and scared but
when they noticed me, I scattered
my force like a flock of birds. It’s as if
I am daring them to get bored, as if
I am proving that I am not a woman
a man would get bored of. Last night
I stabbed them with my eyes. I didn’t
care if I was easy; my difficulty made them hard,
so I tore them down with my wicked tongue.
There’s one thing you’ve left me with:
nobody could deny that I am a woman.
You made me feel like I was sixteen
and I hate that. And I am going to be
the rock to every man’s hard place;
give it like a woman until you learn
to take it like a man.


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

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