Who would have guessed that I’d become a gym bunny?

Oh the sweet agony of muscle-soreness! I hurt where I love to hurt because it makes me feel naughty: my inner thighs. God bless massive, scary gym machines.

You know, men are so condescending when it comes to the classes that women attend. They scoff at Abs & Legs as if we spend an hour prancing about in tutus. Dude, we did 500 sit-ups in a row last week. Boo ya.

Anti-feministically, all I can think of during certain exercises is… My man is going to appreciate this… he better. You know which exercises I’m talking about!

So, six days in and no buns of steel yet but I am optimistic. I am going to the PILATES QUEEN…. if I can just sit still for long enough.


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One thought on “Who would have guessed that I’d become a gym bunny?”

  1. I want to get those special walking shoes that are suppose to be good for your legs and ass. I’m not one for the gym, but I do really enjoy going for a long walk when I have the opportunity.

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