One-hundred and Six: The Official

You know, it was more official when it was casual,
when you didn’t wait three days to call, let alone
see me. You see, I see that you are set in your ways.
I recognise your island mentality and let it sit on
my plate; I don’t mind your Big nature and wish
to be independent. After all, I am a woman so
I know exactly how to live without a man but
now I wonder if you know how to be one. One
more disappointment and my smile will crack
and that is sad because that is when a woman
decides that sometimes the waves are too Big
and she is better off living on her island, like you,
but more alone because she can admit that it just
doesn’t feel right. Right now, I want to take back
the official and make you a small casual: how’s that?


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

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