One-hundred and Five: I and You Is Not Us

I wait to shower because I know you like to do it together.
I turn on the hot water so it’s ready for you when you arrive.
I try to think of sour cocktails because you don’t like sweet.
I buy cereal: you don’t think ice-cream is a good breakfast.
I avoid my cigarettes because I know how much you hate it.

You can’t even be on time for me.
I tell you not to bother.
I start to smoke.
I drink something super sweet.
I skip dinner.
I shower alone.


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

One thought on “One-hundred and Five: I and You Is Not Us”

  1. Here we are, there’s nothing better for a poet but to write it down, spread it on the page and let us catch a insight into what goes on under all the bullshit. More of these please Lex. The truth in verse is a remarkable cunt.

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