Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother is awesome. I know every says that about their respective mothers but mine has the Facebook fan-page to prove it (even if the creator is yours truly). I try to honour her whenever I can, even if it’s just remembering to say ‘thank you’. Today I would like to be a total copy-cat and steal Hope’s idea of making a list of some of the things she’s taught me.

25 Things I Learnt From My Mother

1. To give selflessly, patiently, whine-less-ly.
(Well, technically, I learnt that there are people like this. I’m not one of them.)

2. To be honest and dignified in all endeavours.
(And if you have to lie, do so discreetly and whitely.)

3. That you can still be a childish ditz at 50.

4. That it’s OK to intimidate guys because you’re ‘the marrying kind’.

5. That I’m the most awesome person ever and I can do anything I want to.

6. That being awesome is nothing without ambition.

7. How to bake the perfect chocolate cake.

8. That politeness and some charm can take you a long way.

9. If you save everything you ever owned, you won’t have space for new things.
(Unfortunately, she hasn’t learnt this yet.)

10. To appreciate the beauty of your youth while you still have it.

11. That eating lots of cheese is worth it, even if you complain about the weight gain later.

12. How to hang out the laundry properly.

13. How to be strict but kind.

14. That some Greek parents don’t give a shit when you’re going to get married.

15. That one day your mother will be more than that. At some point she will become your friend.

16. That women are much more reliable than men.
(This should be much further up on the list.)

17. That quality of life is better than quality of belongings.

18. Having said that, never scrimp when it comes to shoes.

19. That text slang can be learnt at any age.

20. Always keep pizzas in the freezer.

21. There’s nothing wrong with following a creative path, all the while knowing you’ll probably always be broke.

22. There’s a lot wrong with choosing a creative path and not doing much about it.

23. To recognise songs from the first few beats. And say it out loud. Even if your mother’s not there to test you.

24. How to be patient when you discover that getting a husband is actually having your first kid.

25. How to love a zillion people and be loved by them in return.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. I know it’s been ages since I’ve commented and I do apologize sugar.. but you sound like you’ve got a rockin mom. I love mine, but probably didn’t learn much from her, tho I do know she loves me to bits. Gotta love that part. Hope you’re getting all healed and I’ll try not to be such a stranger! xo

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