One: Ever A New Year

Of course, today, on the third day of the year, I remembered my intentions to have a 365 project. A poem a day for a year. I suppose I’ll have to write three today to catch up. Here goes!

Resigned, I thought I would float like a fetus as the seconds ticked me into the next decade.
I wanted  to scrub every piece of skin so that at least I may be clean. Then she called,
so I had a shotgun shower instead, surprised by my own smile.  She arrived just before
midnight, a non-Cinderella with her new heels still married.
I was washing the dishes when the sky exploded. She was in the next room,
Curling the curtains to her windows. She called out to me, voice soft as afterthought;
we met half-way, laughing at its subtlety. I think we were relieved; the year had ended
but it didn’t feel like the end.

It felt like a beginning.


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I drink, I laugh, I smoke, I write.

One thought on “One: Ever A New Year”

  1. Just read this and I couldn’t stop smiling. I think you’ll have to write it out for me in calligraphy and I think I may just need to frame it. My walls are begging for art. 🙂

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